Sunday, January 09, 2005

Democrats double standard...

"When a former insurance commissioner named Chuck Quackenbush was suspected of misusing funds for personal and political purposes, the California Legislature quickly held a series of hearings. They led to his resignation. The disgraced Quackenbush happened to be a Republican. The legislative leadership were - you guessed it - Democrats.
Now the Legislature, months after allegations first surfaced, is finally getting around to holding hearings on the alleged misuse of funds of another statewide officeholder, Secretary of State Kevin Shelley. The first hearing is scheduled for Monday. The agenda for this key meeting has been released, and it suggests that the Joint Legislative Audit Committee may not even require Shelley to show up.
Shelley is a Democrat. And so - you guessed it again - is the head of this audit committee, Assemblywoman Nicole Parra of Hanford. A double standard is emerging on how the Legislature wants to handle the Shelley scandal compared with how it dug through the dirt on Quackenbush. The double standard is revolting. And it reflects as poorly on Parra and every last Democrat in the Legislature."

Here is the whole article. For those who cannot tell the difference anymore, this is an opinion piece, not a news article...


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