Friday, January 07, 2005

First Post Ever

Last year, Hugh Hewitt challenged well, basically the world, (I guess) to start blogging. Of course, he meant "people who don't believe everything they hear/read on ABC, CBS, NBC, NPR, NYT, LAT, and the rest of "old media." The point is--alternative, citizen media is the "wave of the future" to use the oldest, "tiredest" cliche in the book.

My name is Scott, and I am a graduate student at a small school here in Palo Alto, CA. No, not that one. That is a BIG school. I noticed last trimester that mine was the only vehicle in the parking lot with a Bush/Cheney sticker on it. This did not come as a surprise to me, but was still annoying.

So here is my attempt at blogging. I have no vision for this blog, no real reason for doing it other than to simply put something out there to make any leftist who comes across it mad.

I just got back from a run around the smelly south bay wildlife preserve thing (I have passed by the sign containing the actual name of it a million times) and I remembered the challenge. I am going to go take a shower now.


At 1:18 PM, Blogger my name is not 'display' said...

Ah....Sergeant Hate has a forum. Great.

I suppose next you'll be oppressing your liberal colleagues by espousing opposing views. You need to love and assimilate into the miasma of inclusion and tolerance. Where on Earth do you get this notion that liberals may be wrong?'s just plain WEIRD.


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