Wednesday, March 15, 2006

Will They Take it all Back?

The administration is finally starting to get serious about defending the intelligence that suggested the presence of WMD's in Iraq in March of 2003, as well as exposing their connections to terrorism.

48,000 boxes of documents confiscated from the hard drives of Iraqi miltary computers are about to be released, some of them already translated. Initial reports "strongly suggest that Saddam had hidden his weapons of mass destruction from weapons inspectors - and show the Iraqi dictator discussing previously unknown plans to enrich uranium as recently as 2000" (Free Republic-March 13th).

So, if it turns out that these documents reveal the presence of WMD's, probably moved to Syria and elsewhere right before the invasion, will all the anti-war types claiming that the war was based on lies finally shut up?

Probably not, but at least good historians will have a chance to record what really happened.

Reuters, never missing an opportunity to defend a mass-murdering dictator, has a different take on the information. Their article claims that "no such weapons have been found, and the Iraq Survey Group discovered no new evidence of WMD in its review of the prewar material."

So who's right? I guess we will have to wait and see. But if it turns out that the WMD's were there, and that Sadaam was funding terrorists, don't hold your breath on apologies from the left.

Reuter's Article

Free Republic Article


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