Monday, October 16, 2006

Need to vent!

Last night, I got back to my palatial, 3rd world simulation of a neighborhood as I had just completed my monthly National Guard drill. There is never any parking on my street, so after trying a few times, I decided to park in front of the driveway/gate area of the apartment. I pulled in, all the way to the right, so that people who needed to get through could, well, get through. There was plenty of room.

So there I was, in my uniform, completely weighted down with my ruck sack, my duffle bag and various other gear when one of my neighbors pulls up behind me. She stops right behind my truck and proceeds to stare at me with her indignant "you need to drop what you are doing and move your truck so I can I get in" look. She is an "undocumented person" with 3 children that are citizens by birth. None of them speak a word of English. I know these things because of other interactions we have had.

An American soldier, in my own country being given the stare down because I am inconveniencing the society draining, non-working vampire!!

I walked to the window of her car and politely pointed out that there was plenty of room to the left of my truck, and that I would be moving shortly after I unload my gear. She backs up, and goes around, the whole time staring me down like I have ruined her day. I have to take the abuse, because I am in uniform. Does this seem right?


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