Saturday, January 22, 2005

Boortz on the state of freedom in America

Neil Boortz is not the most eloquent writer on the planet, but he is CLEAR. Here is a paragraph from yesterday's "Neils Nuze" on the grim state of freedom, American style...

"More examples? They're not difficult to find. Just go to the basic levels of our society. Should you be free to negotiate with an employer on the basis of salary? No ... we need a minimum wage. Should you be free to buy a health insurance policy that doesn't include pregnancy benefits? No .. the government stands in the way. Should you be free to chose who is going to come into your home and tell you what drapery fabric would look good with your throw pillows? No. The government tells you who you can and can't hire for that job. Do people complain? Do they protest? Not a bit. Just accept the government controls and regulations and move on."

Here is the rest of the article, "Freedom? No Thanks."


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