Tuesday, January 31, 2006

New Weekly Feature

I am quite sure that my readers are interested in this, so I will be posting my weekly run times. I've been trying to get back into some kind of shape since right before Christmas. This feature includes the catchy little names I have given to these runs so I can remember where to go when I take off. Exciting!

Airport Run. Distance unknown
34.00--Jan 31 (Record since December 20--37.02--December 20)

Athletic Center Run. Distance Unknown
25.29--Jan 30 (Record since December 20--24.15--January 24)

Jack in the Box Run. 3.2 Miles
26.44--Jan 29 (Record since December 20--25.38--Jan 21)

Salvation Army Run. 3.0 Miles
24.48--Jan 28 (Record since December 20--24.46--Jan 22)

Middle School Run. 4.6 Miles
39.52--Jan 27 (Record since December 20--39.40--Date?)

Jan 26--Rest

Jack in the Box Run. 3.2 Miles
27.26--Jan 25 (Record since December 20--25.38--Jan 21)


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