Tuesday, January 24, 2006

Still Think the Media is "Impartial?"

I was interested in “proving” the bias in the media (As if it needed to be). So I went to Google News Search and used the following criteria to find the terms “ultra liberal,” vs “ultra conservative, “arch liberal” vs “arch conservative,” and “liberal” vs “conservative”:

Exact Phrase only
Articles that originate from CNN, New York Times, LA Times, NBC, CBS, AP
ONE DAY ONLY—Jan 24-25 2006

The results are astounding.

Ultra liberal- 83 times
Ultra conservative- 408 times
"Ultra Conservative" used 4.92 times for every 1 time the term "ultra liberal" used.

Arch liberal- 2
Arch conservative- 114
"Arch conservative" used 57 times for every 1 time the term "arch liberal" used.

Liberal- 28,800
Conservative- 37,000
"Conservative" used 1.28 times for every 1 time the term "liberal" used.

Also, it should be noted that when the terms “ultra liberal,” “arch liberal,” and “liberal” are used, they are usually quoting a conservative who is using the term to identify a person or organization on the left.


This can be explained easily: Reporters in the main stream media AGREE with AARP, the ACLU, Bill Clinton, and the rest of them, AND they consider themselves to be moderate or “impartial.” Therefore, it is reasonable to assume that they would not attach to these and other entities labels such as “liberal.” It is also reasonable to assume that anyone to the right of them politically would be identified as “conservative.” In their world, there is no such thing as an “arch liberal,” or even a “liberal” for that matter. It does not occur to them that they are the ones who need to move to the center. You really can’t even blame them.

Try it yourself--Google News Search


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