Thursday, March 24, 2005

save a beached a dying human-BAD

I live in a coastal area. Dolphins, seals and whales occasionally wash ashore. And when they are still alive, there is always the usual mass mobilization of well-intended people sloshing water on the animal to keep it hydrated, or trying to poke its mouth with fish meal or whatever concoction they think will help. (maybe harbor seals prefer a soy-milk latte', no foam).These activities make these people feel really,really toasty inside.

I've also seen them pray. I have little doubt that these same folks who invoke God/Goddess's intervention on behalf of sea life are quite well versed on the separation of church and state and recoil at the thought of their kids studying creationism or repeating the Pledge of Allegiance (1954 version).

These outpourings of effort and humanity are naturally followed by a candle-light vigil if the beast succumbs to the will of Nature. (See, if the cetacean lives, it's God/dess...if it gives up the ghost, it's Gaea reclaiming what is Hers)


I'm convinced these same caring, contemplative individuals will grieve for Terri Schiavo with the same intensity and verve.....if only she were a porpoise.


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