Wednesday, September 07, 2005

While Your Back Was Turned....

...Same-sex marriage returned in the dark of night, under the din of Hurricane Katrina.

Well, here we are again. After a crushing defeat in 2004 whereby every state that tabled marriage protection initiatives passed them by huge margins, and only 5 years after Proposition 22 won a stinging victory of 61% to 39%, the California All-Democrat legislature has decided that 'counting all the votes' does not apply when said votes are against same-sex marriage laws.

Taking a direct cue from Massachusetts, mandated tolerance through legislative tyranny has become the mode' d'employ in this august body of those 'who know better'.

Meanwhile, those who say 'Republicans and Democrats are one in the same' should read this:

"...No Republicans voted in favor of the bill. Forty-one of the Assembly's 47 Democrats voted yes; four Democrats voted "no," and two abstained..."

""History will record whether we pushed a bit, took the lead to encourage tolerance, to encourage equality to encourage fairness," he (Tom Umberg-D-Anaheim) said...."

(yes, all the while doing so in your paneled chambers, far away from the glare of public scrutiny)

Why now, was this stealth bill drafted and run up the flagpole?

A 36% approval rating for the Governator, that's why. The cynical liberals know that the overwhelming majority of Californians are against same-sex marriage, and will not support another attempt at making it legal anytime soon. So, with Arnold's term quickly coming to a close, they are forcing him to choose power over principle. If he wants to be re-elected, he will sign this bill, or so they think.

'How can this happen' one wonders? How is it that a Democrat legislator can feel confident enough to write illegal law and vote on it without repercussion?...Gerrymandering. This state is so rigged, it's worse than a vegas slot-machine.

Democrats are in no danger of losing their seats because their districts are based on voter turnout and trends nearly mirroring their political disposition. No Democrat can win in Simi Valley, for example. No Republican can win in West Hollywood. And you can guess the shapes of their constituency bases on a map.

So, if Arnold caves, seeking a second term as Governor, he will cave, and the corrupt liberals will claim victory, cooing that 'Claifornia has finally beened enlightened'.

All the while, over 60% of the public will know they have been lied to yet again, and their voices ignored.

The hubris of today's liberal Democrat knows no bounds. No deceit, no scheme, no matter how illegal or damaging is enough stop and make them pause. Power and social elitism is the only prize they seek.

If they want to make same-sex marriage legal, then by God, do it the right way..put it to the voters. If this does pass, no gay person should think, even for a moment that their victory is anything but a sham, a house of cards built on deception.

Regardles of what one believes regarding gays or same-sex marriage, legislation in silence is un-American, irresponsible, and brutish.
This is a fight to the death and now is the time to organize against this Liberal Extremist Democrat machine of political evil.


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