Friday, October 27, 2006

Krauthammer's Advice to Obama

Charles Krauthammer is giving advice to Barack Obama--run for president in 08 and lose so you can win in '12 or '16.

There are two things that make this column remarkable:

The first demonstrates the colossal difference in the civility between the way conservatives and liberals comminicate with each other. Try to imagine, if you will, a parallel universe where a liberal columnist were to give advice to conservative presidential would be in such a serious, civil tone.

Secondly, Krauthammer makes this point--"...the country hungers for a black president. Not all the country, but enough that, on balance, race would be an asset... Of course there is racism in America. Call me naive, but I believe that just as Joe Lieberman was a net positive for the Democrats in 2000 -- more people were attracted to him as a man of faith than were turned away because of anti-Semitism -- there are more Americans who would take special pride in a black president than are those who would reject one because of racism."

I disagree on one point. CONSERVATIVES hunger for a black president, not liberals. A black president would mean republicans (and everyone else who thinks the big, bad racist hand that supposedly moves everything in this country is nothing more than a scary camp fire story that liberals tell their children) would have the ammunition to say "shut up already about Americans being racist!" The democrats would have to change their platform plank--you know the one--"You blacks can't make it without us. We protect you from the republicans who want to re-institute the slave trade."


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