Monday, January 24, 2005

Please keep marginalizing yourselves!

Found this one on DU today.

"Bush inaugural made me sick!

Fittingly, I was puking Thursday and therefore unable to enjoy the coronation live, as it happened. I had a horrible migraine and while I was able to stave off a trip to the ER, I did have to see my GP and pain specialist. Funny thing, at both offices it was remarked to me that they were having an "epidemic" of migraines among patients and office workers. They said it was the weather, but I think it's just as likely we had a mass reaction to the political climate. Speaking for myself, I can say for certain that on *good* days, the Chimpster makes me ill. It doesn't seem too much of a stretch, that on his day of declaring himself world savior, vast populations of the world would wake vomiting and feeling as if a straight razor were embedded in their forehead."

To those who are actually like this I say: Please keep it up. Become the mainstream left. Sell your ideas to the Democratic Party. Please Please Please.


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