Tuesday, January 18, 2005

Those wacky DU'ers

Any time I want to be entertained, I just go to DU. It only takes a second or two to find something like this:

"When B*sh stole the 2000 election, I know I was not alone in my sense of foreboding that something dreadful would soon take place. Then, when 9/11--and everything that flowed from that day--happened, I realized that my worst nightmares never touched the reality this administration had wrought.Now, he's stolen another election, and he's already signaling that he believes he can act with impunity in whatever spheres he sees fit. What fresh new hellish reality does the he have planned? Will he make the ultimate bid to ride shotgun on the world, plunging us into WWIII?I'm scared for my children, and I'm seriously considering taking them and leaving this country. Am I overreacting?"

Does the Democratic Party distance itself from these people like the Republicans do from the far right? (Think Pat Buchanan) The answer is, of course they don't. To a Democrat, there is no such thing as "too far left." That is why their party will not last if it does not do some soul searching.


At 3:47 PM, Blogger MeganGloria said...

That is the most ridiculous assertion I have ever heard. The Democratic party is full of all kinds of people. From Union workers to Gay rights activits and everything in between.
Unlike some parties we leave room for lots of different types of thought. So in the future do not answer your own questions on the behalf of the myriad of thinkers wearing the blue.

At 4:30 PM, Blogger Scott Klajic said...

First of all there is a huge difference between a union "worker" and a gay rights acitivist. (In terms of what level of participation they actually exert in the political proccess.) Most people in unions have no idea what crazy ideas their union dues are paying to put forward. AND there are many (read: most)union workers who have jobs that do not allow them to opt out of the union even if they wanted to. Even in the cases where there is an option to not join a union, the stigma placed on you by the others because of your convictions is unbearable if you wish to work in any sort of harmony with your collegues. Of course, you could have started and ended your supposed continuum with a related group and listed "union activists," which would be more appropriate because those active in unions have far more in common with what the Democratic party really wants to do with this country than Joe Factory Guy. But then, this would prove my point. There is NOTHING "in between," as you put it, the union leadership and the gay rights activist. They both have FAR LEFT positions, with no room for compromise.

I believe in allowing same sex couples to marry, and have taken much on the proverbial chin about it these last few days. I also believe in 2nd amendment rights. Those two positions are on very different places within the POLITICAL spectrum (not to be confused with contrived union membership work places and gay activism). The party I am affilliated with allows that kind of thought diversity.

On a side note, I find it funny when people use superlatives like "most rediculous assertion" to describe nothing more than an opinion. What happens when a far more rediculous assertion comes along like "blacks are inferior" or "the earth is flat? Is that a "moster" rediculous assertion? It speaks (again) to the radical nature of your position and (again) reduces your credibility.

Please excuse any spelling errors. I cannot spell for crap!



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