Saturday, January 29, 2005

We need to respect their sovereignty

In this policy review article by Michael Rubin, the very real concerns about sovereignty that the Iraqis have are addressed. Bremer made a promise about sovereignty that was vetoed by Washington and the Iraqi leadership is a little mad, (but being very gracious about it) and there are some good suggestions contained herein.

However, in light of all that, he does take a few lines to point out that while the rest of the world complains about injustice all over the planet, the U.S. actually does something about it (again). And in the fashion of a truly open minded individual he does not let America off completely. I'll spell it out, in case you miss it. The part in the following paragraph about the American embrace being suffocating is called "honest self-critique." Note to Democrats: Learn this concept, fast.

"Washington should celebrate the Iraqi elections, even if the poll is only the start of a long transitional process. While the European Union wrings its hands, engages autocrats, ridicules the idea that Arabs are capable of democracy, and spends vast amounts of money saying little of substance at lavish conferences, the United States has actually done something to bring liberty to those who suffered under tyrannical regimes. Sometimes, though, the American embrace can be suffocating. Iraqis do not want us to disengage but they do want us to honor their sovereignty. This election provides an opportunity for a fresh and, hopefully, more respectful start."


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