Thursday, January 27, 2005

George Will, on target as usual

Writing about the farce that is Harvard University, George Will makes another brilliant point:

"...Nancy Hopkins, the hysteric who, hearing Summers, 'felt I was going to be sick. My heart was pounding and my breath was shallow." And, ``I just couldn't breathe because this kind of bias makes me physically ill.'' She said that if she had not bolted from the room, 'I would've either blacked out or thrown up.'
Is this the fruit of feminism? A women at the peak of the academic pyramid becomes theatrically flurried by an unwelcome idea and, like a Victorian maiden exposed to male coarseness, suffers the vapors and collapses on the drawing room carpet in a heap of crinolines until revived by smelling salts and the offending brute's contrition."

I can see it now, people standing around, offering water, fanning her. "Oh dear, are you alright?"


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