Saturday, October 28, 2006

Will Same Sex Marriage be the Issue...Again?

This is the kind of political strategy that drives us libertarians crazy. The reason is this:

Most of us don't give a crap about same sex marriage. So if the idea that in this narrow margin election republicans will come out to stop same sex marriage is true, it's depressing. In other words, there is a republican somewhere who, up until the New Jersey Supreme Court decision earlier this week, was going to sit it out. But now he perceives that "the gays might start marrying each other if I don't get off my ass and vote, by golly where did I put that polling place info packet?"

Yes, I want us to win. But I want us to win for the right reasons, which (I know, I know) makes me kind of an idealogue/true believer type. Remember for libertarians, the right reasons are, in order of importance:

2.Freedom and

Back in 2004, this issue and holding on to the presidency were associated with each other. Remember--all the states with defense of marriage ballot measures passed them and also voted for President Bush.

Sometimes I don't have the stomach for strategy. It's code for "figuring out how to get them to vote for us."


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