Thursday, November 09, 2006

Bridge Back from the Wilderness

This statement from George Will's column is basically what the Republican punishers are counting on:

The most left-wing speaker in U.S. history will return to being minority leader in 2009 unless she eschews an agenda that cannot be enacted without requiring the many Democrats elected from Republican-leaning districts to jeopardize their seats.

Fine. If the correction was necessary, and this is how it is going to work then sobeit.

All over and the rest of the columns is this idea that the reason we lost is because we weren't conservative enough--which is essentially what Will is saying. In other words, we are counting on the Democrats to act crazy for the next 2 years, while the Republicans clean house. At that point, the Dems will be fired for their antics, and we will sweep congress (with "real" conservatives) and the White House (Also see The Dr's comments in previous posts about this). It still seems like an awful big gamble, but I am a team player, and the electorate has spoken. If that's the strategy, we'll make it work.


At 8:01 AM, Blogger The Dr. said...

I said exactly this before George Will did here:

But with one difference: Republicans wren't conservative at all, let alone conservative enough.


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