Thursday, November 02, 2006

Inconsistent Analogy

Dennis Prager points out, in his usual methodical style, several reasons for Republicans to get out and vote Tuesday.

What is fascinating, however, is this response on the Towhall website to the article by reader Caroline Miranda:

Nice Try, Dennis, but No Dice
Stay angry but vote Republican? That's like saying to a thief, you stole from me, but come into my house for dinner, anyway, so you can steal some more of my income and property. The outright theft by Republican To justify this outright theft would be to scrifice [sic] morals and ethics, and would send a message to the bridge-to-nowhere crowd that they can do more of the same.

Unfortunately, this is an analogy that does not hold together. Let's dissect it-

The thief=Republicans


Nice try, Caroline. The problem is, with burglary, if you fight off the burglar, he goes away. It is not a choice between being victimized by his crime without the burglar as your dinner guest and burglary plus his company. He also doesn't show up and exclaim "if you choose to get rid of me, the burglar outside is going to come in and steal your stuff AND kill your children."

The real dichotomy (between Democrats and Republicans) is a inconvenient one, but it's what we in the real world call "life."


At 8:41 AM, Blogger The Dr. said...

Not sure I wholly disagree with Caroline.

In 1999, The GOP had numerous candidates better than W. (Forbes being my first choice, and I still wish he were Prez)..but ultiamtely, we were told to vote for another Bush, lest we elect the Clinton hold-over. We knew W and his daddy-o are big time globalists, tax-hikers (read my lips) , and silver spoon Republicans, but definitely NOT Goldwater conservatives. We held our noses and voted for the lesser of two evils. 6 years later, after being lied to over and over again about everything from spending to borders to CIA rendering sites (no, I don't beleive Bush lied about the war), after 6 years of total GOP control in the Legislative, Executive, and arguably the Judicial branches, I am sick to death of being taken for granted as the base. I'm tired of hearing the phrase 'where are they going to go' in reference to GOP strategists discussing voter options.

Tell you what, GOP. We survived eight years of Clinton, we can certainly survive four years of Nancy Pelosi if need be. But I will not reward Republican ineptitude, corruption, and outright scandal with my vote this time.

You may think we're whining for a Christmas pony, but the GOP is like the spoiled kid who steals money out of his parents' wallet, gets caught, then whines about not getting his allowance.

I will be voting every incumbent out of office this time. I will not vote for a single Rpublican. I expect to be lied to by Democrats. That's what they do. I expect more from Republicans that I have not seen in six years of rule.


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