Tuesday, October 31, 2006

Kerry's Gaffe

When Dan Quayle misspelled potato, the media would not leave him alone for weeks.

Kerry will get a pass on his insult to the military.

For those who aren't aware of what has been said, here you go:

In other words, losers join the military.

So I guess I am a loser. I got my FIRST master's degree, joined the Army, served 4 years on active duty. I got back into graduate school, am currently in the California National Guard and working on what will be my SECOND master's, and PhD. Then I am going back on active duty. Most of the people I am in school with think I am wasting my talent and energy. They are all liberal.

This discussion is almost not worth having, though. The thing is, they just don't get it. Those of us who are in, do it because we believe in it. The left has given up this concept--believing that some things are worth fighting and dying for.


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