Tuesday, November 14, 2006

Farmers Branch, Texas

The Dallas suburb of Farmers Branch has passed laws making it difficult for illegal immigrants to get along in their town. This was predictable, and there will be more cities accross the country that will do the same. Basically, they have made it against the law to rent an apartment or house to illegals, and have told their police department to start enforcing the immigration laws. They also made English the official language of the city.

Here is the story.

What is MORE interesting is this picture:

That's "former" Marine SGT Salvador Parada protesting the city council on the day these measures were passed. Here is the problem. He is not on active duty anymore, so unless he is retired, there is no appropriate venue for him to wear his uniform. RETIRED members of the military are authorized to wear their uniforms in VERY SPECIFIC SITUATIONS. However--political functions is NOT ONE OF THEM! Technically, what he is doing is against the law. I don't care if he is/was a Marine. Those of us in uniform know that we are not allowed to take political positions in an official capacity. Using your uniform as a way to lend credibility to your cause is the same as taking a crap on it. He's a jackass.


At 7:34 PM, Blogger The Dr. said...

In some ways, Marines/Soldiers that abuse their former service are worse than the sniveling anti-war protesters. We expect them to be dishonorable miscreants.

At 1:34 PM, Blogger Warren said...

Scott, while don't agree with his actions either, fyi the limitation is not just for RETIRED persons. The allowance and limitations are also extended to veterans who served in a war and were honorably discharged.

I do disagree with The Dr.

We expect our veterans to be staunch defenders of the rights of the citizens, to include that of Freedom of Speech. We may not agree with what they say, but we put our lives on the line to defend it. There is nothing wrong with not wanting war, but should it come to pass, we are trained to execute it.

I'd rather see peace and never deploy than to have to ever write a letter home to the parent of a fellow service member who died.

He could have worn a USMC shirt in my opinion to get the same effect. I disagree with his wearing the uniform, but it is his right to say what he wishes. He served for that right.


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