Monday, December 18, 2006

Will is Right and Wrong

George Will is trying to help McCain and Romney with his recent column. He suggests that Romney needs to clarify his position on same sex marriage and McCain needs to do the same on the War. While, for the purposes of getting elected, this is good advice, he is missing something. McCain's presidential hopes died November 7th.

The race is between Guiliani and Romney, and McCain's campaign is dead. (Unless Rice throws her hat in the ring--then all bets are off.) The fact that the senator from Arizona is not aware of this is irrelevant. Why? McCain's gang of 14 stopped the most pressing issue facing the nation next to the war--judicial nominations. While McCain may have enough popularity with the voters, the party will stop him. He has burned too many bridges on the altar of trying to look like a hero. His anti-tobacco zealotry and silly campaign finance reform crap didn't help either. You can only present yourself as a rogue up to a certain line. McCain crossed that line a while ago.

Here is the entire article.


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