Wednesday, November 15, 2006

No Equivalent on the Left

Since the death of Daniel Patrick Moynihan, there is no equivalent in intellectual prowess on the left to that of George Will.

In this column, Will points out the folly of the 9th circuit court of appeals ridiculous decision making regarding the death penalty. He methodically dissects a decision that was overturned (of course) by the Supreme Court.

Why is this significant? Because George Will is against the death penalty. Only, and I mean ONLY, on the right do you find the kind of intellectual honesty that it takes to attack the decision of a court on a position that you basically agree with because in essence, they did it wrong.

Let me make that a little more clear, for those of you who need help with this. George Will is capable of pointing to the merits of a case, and saying "even though I am against the death penalty, their legal arguments were shabby."

This, by the way, is how you can be against Roe v Wade, AND simultaneously be pro-choice. And it only happens right of center these days.


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