Thursday, November 16, 2006

Zany Antics Begin

Robert Novak has a column this week regarding Nancy Pelosi's handling of the election for majority leader in the house.

Speaker apparent Pelosi has endorsed Jack Murtha, which is no big deal. But what is a big deal was that she urged (in writing) the rest of the Democrats to vote against Steny Hoyer. This is seen by insiders as her first gaffe, however I wonder if it will really matter.

This is the kind of thing the grumpy Republicans who neglected to help us keep our majority were hoping for. However, I think they miscalculated one thing. Nobody cares outside those of us who read this stuff. Do you think the MSM is going to report all of the shenanigans that we will inevitably see from the Democrats for the next two years?

Click here for the entire story.


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