Tuesday, December 19, 2006

The World BEYOND 2007

Dennis Prager has written, in his usual style, a methodical, objective look at where the world stands as of this moment. His prognosis--not good.

For most conservatives, the following should come as no surprise, but here it is.

If one agrees with the basic points of this article, predicting the future is not difficult. In the next 20-40 years there will be a realignment of powers that will essentially break down on either 3 or 4 axes.

China will be one.

The United States will be another. What remains to be seen is whether Japan and others (Australia, maybe) will develop as strong military allies to the US. (I think we should let Japan rebuild it's military and go nuclear).

The Middle East will merge with Europe, because Europe has given up on fighting Islamo-fascism. A swath of totalitarianism will stretch from Indonesia to Great Britain.

Those will be the three world powers. It is shaping up to be quite a fight, because all 3 of these powers have different macro values. It will be a fight between those who believe in freedom, those who believe in money, and those who believe in death and hate. It should be a good show.

Here is Prager's Article.


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