Tuesday, October 31, 2006

No Excretion Zone

I wish I had a dime for every time someone said "man, I am going to excrete my pants!"

Kerry's Gaffe

When Dan Quayle misspelled potato, the media would not leave him alone for weeks.

Kerry will get a pass on his insult to the military.

For those who aren't aware of what has been said, here you go:

In other words, losers join the military.

So I guess I am a loser. I got my FIRST master's degree, joined the Army, served 4 years on active duty. I got back into graduate school, am currently in the California National Guard and working on what will be my SECOND master's, and PhD. Then I am going back on active duty. Most of the people I am in school with think I am wasting my talent and energy. They are all liberal.

This discussion is almost not worth having, though. The thing is, they just don't get it. Those of us who are in, do it because we believe in it. The left has given up this concept--believing that some things are worth fighting and dying for.

Monday, October 30, 2006

Last try on this topic

At the risk of turning this blog into a one-topic rant, I will bring one more of these articles and then quit until after the election. They just KEEP COMING!

I woke up this morning, went to Townhall.com, and there it was on the homepage. Yet ANOTHER article by a republican, pinning their hopes on a reaction to the New Jersey Supreme Court decision. Like a poor kid who lives in an apartment building and asks their parents for a pony at Christmas. The parents, not wanting to hurt the child's feelings respond, "maybe."

Here is Star Parker throwing her hat in the ring on how saving heterosexual marriage will be the galvanizing, last minute rallying cry for us.

To the columnists I say, please stop writing this stuff. IT MAKES US LOOK CRAZY! It plays into every stereotype that exists about mean, hateful republicans.

Just remember, I will be voting republican, like I always do, while holding my nose with the other hand.

Sunday, October 29, 2006

Please don't mess this up for us!

More stuff from the creepy moralists in the party here.

Picture me with my fingers in my ears, shaking my head shouting "la la la I don't hear you I DON'T HEAR YOU!" when these people talk.

The problem is, even if you believe every word of it, it is not the governments job to make these assertions into policy. It is articles like this that give the lefties ammo for the ones in the middle. If even one voter is thinking "I was going to vote for the republicans this time around, but they sure sound wacky on same sex marriage," then shame on you, Kevin McCullough.

Flags of our Fathers

I went to see "Flags of our Fathers" last night.

All the usual talk show hosts have been raving about it all week, including conservative movie critic Michael Medved.

Here is his assessment from his website:

"Flags of our Fathers is a moving, eloquent, powerfully-acted epic with gripping combat scenes and a powerful message about the inevitable exploitation of young men in combat. There are some challenges, however, in keeping the characters straight and following the complex scheme of flashbacks and flash forwards. Rated R for bloody scenes of battlefield violence and lots of harsh language"

My own reaction was a little different. First of all, what was so "powerful" about the message? If, by this sentence, Medved means the movie shows us that sometimes we have to engage in propaganda in order to win a just war, I could buy that. The message it sends is "look at the disgusting dog and pony show they put these boys through. Shame on them." It comes through OVER and OVER again. In fact, I am pretty sure based on the comments by the people seated around me, that is EXACTLY what message came through.

WWII was no joke. Of all the wars we have faught, it is the toughest one to find fault with. It was the right thing to do--we saved the world. Getting the American people excited in this way was a small price to pay to stop imperialism.

At least with "Saving Private Ryan" the message was a little more pro-America. It was "everyone of us Americans who has lived in freedom since WWII should be earning the right to live in this great country every day." Private Ryan was a metaphor for every one of us. Remember when Tom Hanks character was about to die and said to Ryan "earn this?"

Anyway, I wasn't surprised. The preview trailers gave it away.

Saturday, October 28, 2006

When I am this age

Old people who run rule!

Will Same Sex Marriage be the Issue...Again?

This is the kind of political strategy that drives us libertarians crazy. The reason is this:

Most of us don't give a crap about same sex marriage. So if the idea that in this narrow margin election republicans will come out to stop same sex marriage is true, it's depressing. In other words, there is a republican somewhere who, up until the New Jersey Supreme Court decision earlier this week, was going to sit it out. But now he perceives that "the gays might start marrying each other if I don't get off my ass and vote, by golly where did I put that polling place info packet?"

Yes, I want us to win. But I want us to win for the right reasons, which (I know, I know) makes me kind of an idealogue/true believer type. Remember for libertarians, the right reasons are, in order of importance:

2.Freedom and

Back in 2004, this issue and holding on to the presidency were associated with each other. Remember--all the states with defense of marriage ballot measures passed them and also voted for President Bush.

Sometimes I don't have the stomach for strategy. It's code for "figuring out how to get them to vote for us."

Friday, October 27, 2006

Andrew Sullivan Meltdown

There are two possibilities that might explain Andrew Sullivan's behavior on Hugh Hewitt (clip #8) and Colbert this week.

A. He has lost his mind.


B. He is trying to sell books.

He was even a little abrasive on the mother of all nice guy talk shows, Dennis Prager. Scroll down to clip #21.

Krauthammer's Advice to Obama

Charles Krauthammer is giving advice to Barack Obama--run for president in 08 and lose so you can win in '12 or '16.

There are two things that make this column remarkable:

The first demonstrates the colossal difference in the civility between the way conservatives and liberals comminicate with each other. Try to imagine, if you will, a parallel universe where a liberal columnist were to give advice to conservative presidential would be in such a serious, civil tone.

Secondly, Krauthammer makes this point--"...the country hungers for a black president. Not all the country, but enough that, on balance, race would be an asset... Of course there is racism in America. Call me naive, but I believe that just as Joe Lieberman was a net positive for the Democrats in 2000 -- more people were attracted to him as a man of faith than were turned away because of anti-Semitism -- there are more Americans who would take special pride in a black president than are those who would reject one because of racism."

I disagree on one point. CONSERVATIVES hunger for a black president, not liberals. A black president would mean republicans (and everyone else who thinks the big, bad racist hand that supposedly moves everything in this country is nothing more than a scary camp fire story that liberals tell their children) would have the ammunition to say "shut up already about Americans being racist!" The democrats would have to change their platform plank--you know the one--"You blacks can't make it without us. We protect you from the republicans who want to re-institute the slave trade."

Thursday, October 26, 2006

Schwarzenegger...A Man, not a Baby

Very funny ad spoof.

Elder and Coulter on Iraq

Larry Elder has a great column this week in response to Andy Rooney's "60 Minutes" segment asking President Bush to "finally flat-out explain why we have troops in Iraq."

Unfortunately, even though Elder's explanation is clear, sound and based on the reality of the situation, it doesn't matter.

People believe whatever they want to believe. Besides, "Bush Lied People Died" fits on a bumber sticker. The argument for the war does not.

Also, Ann Coulter points out something in her column that I bet you didn't think of. She asks the reader to consider this scenario:

Right after 9/11 if President Bush had said "Sadaam Hussein is paying homicide bombers and letting terrorists stay in his hospitals--we are going to Iraq to get them," everybody that was so gung ho about going to Afghanistan at the time would have said "we support it."

Then, if he had said, "next is Afghanistan because the Taliban is supporting Osama" they would have said "Afghanistan never attacked us! What are we doing there?" If you don't believe that would have happened, you live in the fantasy world the Democrats have created.

Plus, I needed an excuse to put up a picture of Ann Coutler.

Wednesday, October 25, 2006

It's just a different way of doing things!

We can't judge the way other cultures do things, remember that as you read this.

Finally found it

Here is the Republican ad against Harold Ford that is supposed to be so racist.

Supposedly it's the bongo drums in the music. It doesn't really sound like bongos to me. More like "wacky."

Good tip...

Don't swallow batteries. Apparently there are some health concerns.

Big deal, little story

Wow, I had no idea the FBI compiled these kinds of statistics! Anyone out there who thinks crimes agains Muslims is a big problem, I guess that means the Jews are toast.

This story breaks it down. Last years hate crime statistics show an amazing difference in the amount of hate crimes against Jews verses Muslims.

Verified hate crimes against Jews--68.5%

Against Muslims--11.1%

Yet, groups like CAIR will continue to shove down our throats the idea that they are the victims.

Strange Workplace Snafu

I am having a problem printing to the network printer I am assigned to so I asked "Art" the unofficial computer expert in our office about it. He tried to help (couldn't fix it) and so I asked what the official channel was. He said, "I guess you could call the computer guys, but nobody does that because...they just screw it up" You have to read it with the pause between "because" and "they" to get the real feeling.

So the "computer guys," whose job it is to actually do the work are undermined by people who are not doing what they are supposed to be doing, because the "computer guys" suck. In other words, whatever you do, DO NOT call the people you are supposed to call, because they will make it worse. Why not hire "computer guys" who know what they are doing?

I LOVE working in this kind of environment, it gives me more material.

Monday, October 23, 2006

Matt Towery, idiot

So here is the basic argument of the purist Republicans about why we should lose congress: We deserve it.

Apparently, the "let's teach them a lesson by putting Nancy Pelosi in charge" idea is catching on just in time. Great.

Hugh Hewitt has the simplist and most reasonable response to this folly--namely "whatever the problem is, the answer is not the Democrats."

But if we shoot ourselves in the foot, it will be the Towerys of the party who get the balme.

Here is the column

Mike Adam's Woes

Great story here from Mike Adams about not being promoted to full professor. I would like to teach someday, but because of stories like these, I have chosen to practice psychology in the Army.

Global warming?

By the way, we were told that the 2006 hurricane season was going to be even worse than 2005--because of global warming. Just wanted to remind everyone.

Friday, October 20, 2006

George Will

George will points out in his response to Bill Clinton at the Labor Party Convention that the unemployment rate in the US for college grads is 2%.

This was necessary because the former President made the statement that the US is "outsourcing it's college-education jobs to India," to cheers, of course.

Does it ever occur to anyone to look things up before they speak? Bill Clinton says whatever his present audience wants to hear.

It never fails, though. You don't have to have an audience of liberals to cheer this kind of nonsense. Stand up in front of ANY group of Americans and exclaim "outsourcing!" They will cheer, because they are lemmings. It is an experiment in social psychology. "Everybody" knows that high-tech jobs are being outsourced, right?

When getting off?

Either people in Japan need to be reminded to continue walking after they reach the top of the escalator, or it's something a little more gross.

Silly rollerbladers

I imagine this is how skiers must have felt when snowboarders showed up on the slopes. There should be a no-rollerblade rule at races.

Failing to learn the lessons of history...

These guys are pretty funny...

You Tube

Wednesday, October 18, 2006

Deprogramming the masses since 1547

This one is great!

The Flat Eart Society

Michael Thomas Ford Book


A couple of weeks ago, I was with my friends at Barne’s and Noble looking for a book to read for this class. The assignment was to read a book (of our choosing) that deals with cultural issues and the truth is, I was having a hard time picking one. I have to admit, my number one criterion was that it had to be at least a little humorous. I stood in the section of the store entitled “cultural issues” with a blank stare for quite a while as my eyes glazed over the titles. Every single book donned titles implying that whatever culture was being explored was in a de facto oppressed state. That was, until I came across the title It’s not Mean if it’s True.

Michael Ford’s book is a satirical look at, for lack of a better term, “gay life” in America--or more specifically, his experience with it. It is funny, but it is serious at the same time. It is a collection of essays about everything from his experiences at the gym to the writer’s own terrible fashion sense. But each essay has a lesson learned, which Ford wants to get across with a little irreverence added.


In this book, the reader is treated to the perspective of one man. He never pretends to speak for the entire “gay” community. If fact, he makes a point in the last chapter to identify himself as “queer” because he does not like the term “gay.” He asserts that he has an “obsession with words and their definitions,” an obsession that he and I share. His point is, “gay” only includes men, and this leaves everyone else out.

The idea that came through loud and clear for me was that even though he recognizes struggles that are still present for his group, the truth is, being gay or different in any way nowadays is actually kind of cool. He laments the gay activist who makes it a point to only attend certain movies, read certain books, and has no time to enjoy life because they spend all their time attending rallies. He seems to be of the opinion that even though he basically agrees with the positions these individuals take, they need to lighten up a little.

Also, through his essays about going to the gym and his self proclaimed poor sense of fashion, Ford points out another problem and how it manifests itself in reality. He does not want to be forced into the stereotypical great hair, great clothes, cultured gay man. This was an area that I could relate to quite well, because of my own rage against the stereotype I get to labor under constantly. I am a white male, I own firearms and a big truck. So far, so good, right? But I can understand the story of Mozart’s opera, “The Magic Flute” (in Italian) and as long as I feel safe, I am quite comfortable talking about my feelings. Where does that leave me?

It reminds me of high school. Back then, my friends and I used to listen to what was then called “New Wave” music. I have to admit, we liked it, not necessarily because it was great music, but at least in part because it was different. Everyone else was listening to Def Leppard (sic) and New Kids on the Block, and we walked around campus staring at them like they were just lemmings following the corporate version of what they should like. We were “soooo above that kind of selling out.”

In the 90’s, “New Wave” was given a different label, namely “alternative rock” and it was then legitimized. It got to the point where it was no longer the alternative but rather just “rock.” It wasn’t fun anymore. Then I turned 23, got married, owned a business and it all seemed a little silly. I have no idea what “the kids” are listening to these days, but I bet they listen to whatever it is to be different.

I am not suggesting that being homosexual is always an attempt to be different, although I bet for some it is. Even Ford would admit that. But what is interesting, (and worrisome), is that now that homosexuality is chic, how long before it isn’t? Shouldn’t it just be it? It is a realistic fear, I think, to wonder if it [the popularity] will go away like a fad, and homosexuals will be forced back into the closet.

Lastly, Ford also complains about the fact that the message being sent out by the LGTBQ “leaders” is that they need to present themselves as “just like everybody else.” By this he means, the white picket fence, two cars, mortgage, and BBQ’s. He does not agree with this as the ideal model, because, getting back to his previous point, “we are different.” As stated before, he prefers the word “queer” he says “because I choose to be, and because it’s who and what I am.” He suggests that being queer is not just about sex, but a statement about challenging norms.

That’s fine, as long as you realize that sending signals to the world that you don’t want to fit in has consequences. When I am driving around in my big truck, everybody probably assumes that I am listening to heavy metal and on my way to a NASCAR race. Too bad, but who cares? To his credit, I think he does realize this, and is OK with it.


I suppose in the conclusion of what is basically a book report, I should either recommend or not recommend this work. I do. There is never anything wrong with reading someone’s idea of reality, even if you might disagree with some of it. Michael Ford obviously has a sense of humor about himself—this is my favorite kind of person. His stories from his youth were touching vignettes about insensitivity he encountered by some of the people around him. These stories make me ashamed to be an American. But his story of not letting any of it define who he is makes me proud to be one. I prefer to dwell on the second part.

Tuesday, October 17, 2006

Trying to get commissioned

Hopefully in January I will be trading this:

For this:

For those of you who know what that means, wish me luck! The rest of you might want to research it a little.

Wir and Horry strike again!

Bet you didn't know there was a Land of the Lost website!

Columbia University Chime in

I know in today's fast paced news cycle I am way behind the power curve on this one(This happened a week ago). However, it needs to be said that there is a culture/values war raging in this country. For the most part, it is being fought in the political arena, through dialogue. In the case of the savage Columbia University students rushing the stage to attack and shout down 2 invited speakers, it spilled into violence.

For those of you who's primary function is to go to work, go to the mall, watch reality shows and take trips to Vegas, I say go back to sleep. Everyone else has chosen sides.

Here is the video

Keep on dreaming...

This would make a good introduction to an online dating profile.

Monday, October 16, 2006

Need to vent!

Last night, I got back to my palatial, 3rd world simulation of a neighborhood as I had just completed my monthly National Guard drill. There is never any parking on my street, so after trying a few times, I decided to park in front of the driveway/gate area of the apartment. I pulled in, all the way to the right, so that people who needed to get through could, well, get through. There was plenty of room.

So there I was, in my uniform, completely weighted down with my ruck sack, my duffle bag and various other gear when one of my neighbors pulls up behind me. She stops right behind my truck and proceeds to stare at me with her indignant "you need to drop what you are doing and move your truck so I can I get in" look. She is an "undocumented person" with 3 children that are citizens by birth. None of them speak a word of English. I know these things because of other interactions we have had.

An American soldier, in my own country being given the stare down because I am inconveniencing the society draining, non-working vampire!!

I walked to the window of her car and politely pointed out that there was plenty of room to the left of my truck, and that I would be moving shortly after I unload my gear. She backs up, and goes around, the whole time staring me down like I have ruined her day. I have to take the abuse, because I am in uniform. Does this seem right?

Thursday, October 12, 2006

Zucker Ad

This is pretty funny

Madeline Albright Being Nice to Terrorists

Now I have more reason to hate tomatoes

It's official. Tomatoes are evil. This website proves it.

Nail Remover

Does it also remove staples?

Scandal...what sacandal?

The Harry Reid scandal is the reason it does not pay to make your platform "The Republican Culture of Corruption"

It should be assumed that a certain degree of nafarious activity is going on in poitics. This what we grown ups call "reality."

Congressman Reid has earned millions on property he did not own at the time. Of course, the Democrats will be complaining that there is a conservative bias in the media, blah blah.

Here it is.

Monday, October 09, 2006

What are we waiting for?

It is time. No more talking.

Here is the thing. Every single crazy dictator in history has made it very clear what they intend to do in plenty of time before they do it. Kim Jung Il is no exception. (Neither is Ahmadi Nejad) Make no mistake about it. THERE IS A MUSHROOM CLOUD AT THE END OF THIS RAINBOW!

In case you were too busy this morning reading about Vince Vaughn and Jennifer Aniston, here is the story.

Sunday, October 08, 2006

You go...guy

Dog Sauce

Does dog sauce taste good on buffalo wings?

More on the cultrual differences front...

I have to review a book of my choice for the class I have been writing about. It is supposed to be a book that deals with cultural issues. I have chosen a book entitled "It's not mean if it's true," by Michael Thomas Ford. The book is a satiristic look at homosexual issues.

What struck me as interesting was when I was looking at the "Cultural Issues" section at Barnes and Noble, I noticed there was not one book in the entire section that could be described as "anti" cultrual. That is, every book had the presupposition that whatever culture was being explored was in a defacto "oppressed" status. Not one book entitled "I am black in America, and it really doesn't matter that much." That's because the minorities who feel that way are too busy living the American dream.

Very one dimensional. At least the author I chose seems to have a sense of humor about himself. Stay tuned...

Thursday, October 05, 2006


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My cat and my roommate's cat.

The subject should pretty much cover it.

Another Paper


The assignment for this week was to interact primarily with the paper entitled The Production of Whiteness in Education: Asian International Students in a College Classroom., DiAngelo (2006). The paper sets out to describe the mechanisms in place that are used to create a construct the author labels “Whiteness.” According to DiAngelo, Whiteness is a “place” or what could be described as a state of being that white teachers in American classrooms create that gives the white students an advantage vis a vis classroom discussion. The assignment also included a directive to discuss any other reactions the student might have had to previously assigned readings, such as the “White Privilege” paper given in week one.

Initial Observations

The paper makes several assertions from the onset that are dubious. First of all, the writer states “based on the research literature’s description of Whiteness as an unbounded process that is always present in some form, this study assumed, rather than set out to demonstrate, that Whiteness was operating in the classroom.” (p.1987) In other words, in order for the reader to agree with the rest of the paper’s findings, he must agree with this presupposition. Unfortunately, this reader does not even necessarily agree that the existence of the construct labeled “Whiteness” is a surety, therefore, it became increasingly difficult to maintain objectivity.
The paper reflects the observations of the writer on ONE 3 HOUR CLASS MEETING. To be fair, she does state that she did not intend for this work to be inductive or generalizable, but rather “hypothesis generating.” (p.1987) However, the hypothesis generated at the end of the paper is unclear. It also supposes that the observations made in this classroom are indeed the normal way that college classrooms operate. In the end, the writer jumps to many conclusions regarding the participant’s mindset that are simply unattainable and nothing more than a theory. She says, without any caveat that a litany of things are going on in the classroom, and that her observations are proof of it.

Further Observations and Other Papers

It is apparently fair game in this environment to make claims that are based purely on subjective experience. I could sit back and watch the interactions of any 12 people and come up with whatever hypothesis I like. It does not however present itself as a self-evident universal truth about the way the world works.
So, in this vein, it occurs to me that looking under every rock and around every corner to find the big bad racist hand that is working the machinations of our society is a self-fulfilling prophecy. It is an endeavor that feeds on itself.
In my own case, for example—my father escaped from communism in 1958, was jailed twice for his first two attempts and languished in exile for 2 years before he was allowed asylum in the United States. He did not speak a word of English, lost his first 3 jobs because of it, and decided to assimilate into the culture by learning the language and trying to act as American as he could. In fact, the word “Slav” is the basis for the English word “slave” due to the fact that the Slavic people made up the majority of those enslaved by Europe and other regions of the world for several thousand years preceding the existence of the United States. Yet, I will from time to time be reminded of American slavery policy through the 1860’s, a time in this nation’s history that neither I nor my ancestors were present or responsible for. So who am I supposed to be angry at? How far back should one go to express grievances about what his or her ancestors went through? If your entire race is the basis for the word “Slavery,” I would think that might count.
From the maternal side, it’s even worse. My mother is (half) Native American.
All of this is to point out the following—I wonder who is actually propagating the racial politics of this country. Who knows why these Asian International Students didn’t speak up on that particular day in the classroom? Maybe they didn’t have anything to say that day.
One of my fellow students, who will remain unnamed, had this to say at about week two. She said that growing up in small home town America, she felt far more comfortable interacting with people of different races and cultural backgrounds than her own, then she does after 4 years of college and graduate classes designed to make her think she should be worried about the issue.
Most of these articles, including the “White Privilege” article look like nothing more than attempts to make those of us who’s only crime was being born here and who happen to have basically white ancestry should feel guilty. They do it under the guise of “we are just pointing this out so you will be sensitive to it.” But in the end, it serves to just make everybody uncomfortable around those who are different.


To the extent that these forces are at work, another fellow student made this comment, also at week two. “It seems like [the “white privilege” article] is trying to hold people accountable for a situation they did not create.” Exactly. I can be as sensitive as the next person to the fact that there may be covert racism exerting itself against just about every race under the sun. In my personal life, I go out of my way to make people who are different from me feel comfortable. But, if I enjoy any privileges because of my race, it sure has a funny way of manifesting itself. I am not rich, I do not have any employees, minority or otherwise. I live in a neighborhood in which I am the only white person and I am constantly stared at every time I get out of my car and walk to the door. When I am in a room where there is EVEN ONE person of color I am filled with an uneasy feeling about what I can and cannot say.
I think times have changed and the education establishment is laboring under presuppositions that are no longer valid. The racial/political landscape in this country has evolved and is too complicated to view through the lens of “Whiteness is an unbounded process that is always present in some form.” My boss is a woman. My 3 previous bosses have been 2 black women, and a Hispanic man. It never occurred to me to think about those facts until forced to by papers like these. It didn’t matter to me then, and still doesn’t.